About Daniel

Daniel was born in 1973 and delivered his first voice over in the mid 90’s, when commercial radio was introduced in Sweden. He quickly became one of the most used commercial voices in the vast radio networks that grew up in Sweden during this period. Since then he has used his voice acting skills to reach the hearts of millions of people all around the world. His voice contains a penetrating and convincing genuineness that stems from his honest interest in both his clients and audiences. Daniel appreciates that a lot of time, effort and money has been invested in every project and therefore he treats every production as if it were his very own.

Besides his long experience and well known voice over skills, what clients appreciate the most about Daniel is his extremely good cooperation skills, his polite manner and attention to details. He has a profound abillity to enterpret not only the cold facts of a script, but also its underlying meaning, feeling and purpose. Quite often Daniel exceeds the client’s expectations and manages to deliver a voice over recording that elevates the production to new levels, beyond the original scope. Adding to this his many years of experience as a copywriter and translator and you’ll get a perfect combination that makes sure your voice over script will always be conveyed in the best way possible, whether it be an IVR message, e-learning course, explainer video, tv or radio commercial, corporate video or radio immaging tagline.

Apart from being a voice actor Daniel also works as a composer, mixing and mastering engineer. His music is heard in hundreds of major tv, radio and media channels around the world (such as CNN, BBC, iTV, TV3 Sweden, MTV to mention a few) and likewise reflect his profound feeling for emotion and cinematic athmosphere.

His studio is equipped with carefully selected gear and software optimized for both music and voice over production. Daniel is working hard to give his clients the best of what the business can offer, both quality and performance wise. If you’d like Daniel to bring life to your message and reach the hearts of your audience, just send an email to get in touch.